Video Editing in Photoshop: Ojai Olive Oil Company

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the Ojai Olive Oil company and this is for solely educational purposes.

Everyone knows that Photoshop is the premier program for editing images, but what fewer know is that you can also edit videos within the program. This is something that I had no knowledge of prior to this week, so learning about Photoshop’s video capabilities was interesting for me. I have very little video editing experience, so this week’s Design Showcase proved valuable, giving me some insight into video editing with software I’m becoming increasingly comfortable with.

I was provided with a video clip from  about the Ojai Olive Oil company and a tutorial on how to edit the video. After being given the basic guidelines, I was assigned to rebrand the company and enhance the video as I saw fit. My only requirements were that it needed to have a title, lower-third element, and closing slide with information about the brand.

After viewing the video, I began by designing a new logo for the company. I wanted to create a brand that felt approachable and kept the family-owned feel while also modernizing it. I chose a trendy sans-serif font, Dolce Vita, for the main logo and Mistral for the “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” text. I also wanted to incorporate a graphic element, so I found a free vector image of an olive branch online. I placed a right branch in alignment with the cross of the A in Ojai and a left one along the bottom of the O. I edited them to take some of the leaves out and put in olives that I created, finishing the logo.


Never having done much video editing, I found working with Photoshop to be a neat experience. I liked that I was able to use elements I am familiar with, such as the marquee tool, text tool and smart objects to impose new graphics over the original video. I decided to shorten the video, as the original was a bit long and the entire second half felt like it should be its own video on a different topic. I did, however, use a piece of this to create an end slide with different music and a semi-opaque background to entice the viewer to learn more about the company. I personally like simple transitions because I feel like they are less distracting, and so I primarily used fade outs and minimized the use of motion.

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