Little Bean Coffee Company, Now Open for Business

As a typography enthusiast, I was excited to complete this week’s Design Showcase. Given some background and ornament assets, I was assigned to create a local coffee shop chalkboard advertisement. Of my work thus far, this assignment required the most planning, as I was given many options of where I could take my design. Instead of editing an image, I was to build one from scratch.

I decided that before I could start, I wanted to really know what kind of business I was designing for. I created a list of words that I associated with coffee (such as bean, mocha, cup, caramel, warm, relaxing, etc.) to create a name for my company. Eventually I chose Little Bean Coffee Company because I felt that it fit the vibe of the shop I was mentally creating. I wanted a shop that felt folky, authentic and comfortable, and I began my design from there.

After choosing a smooth board for my background, I added a Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer to darken the surface. I added the decorative border and lightly adjusted the opacity so that it didn’t feel too harsh against the black. Once I had my basic canvas ready, I began arranging the type and wingdings. I decided to focus on weekly specials because that is what personally catches my eye whenever I see these types of advertisements. Because I wanted the graphic to be versatile, I added social media icons at the bottom. My assignment was to create a graphic to be used on a website, so I wanted it to attract attention to the brand’s other social media outlets. The image could also be used as print advertising, and this would integrate the online presence with the print media.

Once I had laid out my type exactly how I wanted, I added some layer styles to the text. The layer styles helped give the finishing touch to the “chalkboard” feel of the design.

Little Bean Coffee Co.

This is the first graphic I designed and built on my own, so it was fun to see what I could do. I found that organizing my Photoshop file was extremely helpful, as I finished with many different layers of text and ornaments and keeping them all straight proved to be a challenge. Overall, I am very happy with the finished look of my final design.

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